Welcome to the Albertus Magnus College Collaborative Strategic Planning Site 

In May 2012, the College launched a new Collaborative Strategic Planning (CSP) initiative. This year-long engagement is based on an approach developed by Patrick Sanaghan, Ed.D., author of Collaborative Strategic Planning In Higher Education (NACUBO, 2009) and president of The Sanaghan Group, an organizational consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and organizational development. 

The College is fortunate to have engaged Dr. Sanaghan as our guide through the process of building a strategy for growth and development. But as Dr. Sanaghan stresses, the Strategic Plan will succeed only if it is our plan, developed through interaction with and feedback from all members of the Albertus Magnus College community. 

This site explains the What, Who, When, and Why of this process, and communicates data and information as they are collected and developed

Please visit this site regularly so that we can all follow the development of this important process. We will also post on this site the many opportunities members of the College community will have to contribute and participate. 

In addition to this information site, we have created a second site for the Planning Task Force (PTF) to use for collaboration as they work through the Data Gathering & Engagement Stage and the Making Sense Stage. The results of the PTF's work will be made public on this information site. 

Welcome Letter Sent To Members of the Collaborative Strategic Planning Task Force