The PTF identified Albertus Magnus College’s past successes and recorded the data created by the process. The information that resonated most strongly from the data gathered during the process was the importance of communication, champions, ownership, resources, and cross boundary collaboration in Albertus’ successes. 

The PTF members will utilize the Accomplishment Design strategy they learned when they reach out to other members of the College community to gather more input and data.

Lessons Learned
Improved communication between departments
Better student retention in a program
Electronic newsletter-  keep people informed
Improved academic program
Cross disciplinary research papers
Improved employee engagement / student engagement
Better community relations
Started up a program/source
Task for that improved
Cross Boundary/Cooperative Effort

What Resonates Strongly
Cross boundary collaboration

Full PTF Accomplishments Activity Results
Please follow the link above to view full results of the Accomplishments Activity conducted by the Planning Task Force.