Future Timeline

Using the Future Timeline design,the PTF members considered the Events (a single occurrence at a point in time), Issues (an important theme), and Trends (an ongoing set of circumstances), that could impact Albertus Magnus College, both positively and negatively, over the next 5 to 10 years. 

Using Post-It Notes, each member of the PTF recorded each event, trend, or issue that came to mind on a separate note, and then placed the note on the flip chart page corresponding to the year or span of years when they thought it would occur. If another PTF member had already recorded the same information on the ten-year span of flip chart sheets, the member noted agreement by making check mark on the existing note. 

The Task Force Members then worked in groups of four to review the events, issues, and trends on the ten-year flip chart pages and together agreed on the top three most important items that the College must manage effectively to continue to grow and develop. Using a round-robin approach each group discussed their top three items with the rest of the PTF to generate the list of items to the right. 

This resulting list will be compared and combined with similar lists generated by other stakeholder groups through the Collaborative Strategic Planning process to identify the biggest and toughest trends/events/issues that Albertus must address going forward.