Board of Trustees Future Timeline

June 8, 2012
Board of Trustees
ture Timeline
19 Participants

Top Events, Issues, Trends 

  • Financial/economic concern - Increase in the cost of College, while at the same time families’ capabilities to pay is decreasing
  • Mission, Dominican and Catholicism - what does it mean in current dynamic time frame
  • Cutbacks Financial Aid- State and Federal
  • Competition for students and their dollars
  • Rise of Information Technology and the impact on instruction
  • Program delivery alternatives to traditional college
    • Online
    • Community college
    • Certificate programs
  • Changing profile of potential students
  • Poor economy - lack of jobs
  • Administrative transition 
    • Faculty
    • Senior Leadership 

Please follow the link above to view the raw data that generated the list of top items above. Please note, asterisks under an item on the sheet represent check marks indicating agreement by others at the meeting


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