PTF Future Timeline

May 21, 2012
Planning Task Force
ture Timeline
36 Participants

Top Issues, Events, Trends

  • Cuts in state and federal financial aid
  • Student enrollment trends (targeting minority / first generation)
  • Demographic shifts as the traditional minority population becomes the majority in many regions, including the North East 
  • Need to be both small and intimate and provide access to global resources
  • Increased online information could be overwhelming; need critical thinking to help students turn information into knowledge
  • Reinforce need of students to have a second language
  • Increased alumni consultation — give back to the Albertus community
  • "Actual" cost of College — Can our students manage it?
  • Transformation from current academic system — not going to look like it looks now (i.e., online, blended, credentialing, delivering)
  • Customization of learning; meeting needs of individuals
  • Adaptive challenges cannot be fixed/solved by throwing resources at it; also needs agility, accountability, creativity)
  • Perceived vs actual cost of a degree — "communicate the value that a degree provides"
  • Faculty transition — retiring faculty
  • Administrative transition — managing well and effectively
  • Content expertise vs Bachelors degree; how to recognize knowledge obtained outside the classroom
  • Student preparedness — Are they ready?  How do we assist under-prepared students?
  • Increased number of students with special needs, including disabilities, mental health issues, and English as a Second Language; how to address these special needs, both in classroom and online
  • Long-term financial stability and sustainability

Full PTF Future Timeline Results
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