Albertus Magnus Facilities Staff Interviews

July 11, 2012
Facilities Staff
Mark Barreuther and Stefanie Stevens
6 Participants

1. If you were going to give $2 million to the College, what would you give it for and why?

  • Money would go to restoring the Act One Theater.  This would allow more community-based functions to be held on campus/serve as a rental income source.  Theater has a history worth preserving.
  • Update certain class rooms.  Some are quite outdated.
  • Improve recycling program – presently one is not obvious.
  • Start a nursing/primary care program.  Demand has been high recently.

2. What is your greatest source of anxiety about the College?

  • The obvious decline in student enrollment
  • Job security and the presence of outside contractors on campus.
  • Poor communication between departments; protocol changes appear suddenly with little notification
  • Change/transitions in leadership, what will this bring?  The College’s future, will it still be around?

3. How can we bring greater attention to, and awareness of what we do here at Albertus?

  • Increase Day Program television advertising of campus resources (highlighting mansions, programs and increasing open houses e.g., Criminal Justice Camp)
  • Provide campus tours given by alternative groups (alumni, parents, faculty, staff) and not just work-study students
  • Showcase the theater as the oldest community theater in CT

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