Alumni and Members of the Business Community

October 9, 2012
Alumni and Members of the Business Community
Carousel Design with Questions
Dr. Howard Fero, Carolyn Behan Kraus, and Andrea Kovacs
10 Participants

What is the primary reason that someone should enroll at Albertus?

  • Flexibility of schedule of classes (5)
  • Small, intimate college in a university town (4)
  • Great diversity of courses offered (2)
  • To get a quality marketable education (2)
  • Masters in Leadership program (2)
  • Where everybody knows your name (2)
  • Reputation of college (1)
  • Proximity to New Haven’s resources (1)
  • Night school for working adults (1)
  • Religious belief
  • Catholic heritage
  • The reputation of the sports teams

How can we proactively meet the needs of students and potential employers in a global economy?

  • Have a tie-in with local leaders, strong program tie (ex. Henry Lee is the face of UNH Criminal Justice program) (3)
  • Increase career counselors and mentors (1)
  • Offer programs which provide skills in demand by the business community (1)
  • Focus on what jobs need (skills, traits, etc.) and drive those skills home. (1)
  • Create advisor/mentors to each student and ensure each student has at least two internships (1)
  • Teach students to be innovative (1)
  • Widen study abroad programs (1)
  • Active internship program (1)
  • Tie job requirements to the area of the student’s interest  to live
  • Have students be able to function in a global economy
  • Solicit input from the community on what employers are looking for especially if it is lacking
  • Inclusive of how to write a letter/email/proposal etc., effectively (examples spelling, grammar, etc.)
  • Survey local businesses in a 50-mile radius

How can we bring greater attention to, and awareness of, what we do here at Albertus?

  • Job fairs at local high schools (4)
  • Paid advertising on local stations – radio and television utilizing actual students not actors or generic commercials (3)
  • Host local events (2)
  • Enhance the website (2)
  • Have a greater presence at a variety of community organizations (2)
  • Very active alumni association (1)
  • Offer interesting high school programs in the summer to bring HS students here (1)
  • Utilize greater organic marketing efforts such as social media to tell people the results that can be achieved with a degree from Albertus (1)
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (1)
  • Working with other institutions and partners (1)
  • Tutor with United Way and middle/low income areas

If you were going to give $2 million to the College, for what would you give it, and why?
  • Scholarships (9)
    • Endowment
    • To inner city kids
  • Instructors (5)
  • Technology improvements (5)
  • Career Services (3)
  • Recruitment program (3)
  • More majors, more facilities (2)
  • Strengthen the library
  • Add more instructors for the offered majors to add more flexibility to working students’ schedules
  • IPads for all students
  • To develop more programs that will add value to the global perspective such as research, etc.

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