Criminal Justice Program Adjunct Faculty Interviews

October 22, 2012
Criminal Justice Program Adjunct Faculty
Sean O’Connell, assisted by Prof. Michael Geary
3 Participants

1. How can we bring greater attention to, and awareness of, what we do here at Albertus?
  • Do more things like the Criminal Justice camp 
  • The open houses aren't marketed well. Offer an incentive to current graduate students to bring in potential students -- a $150 discount on a class, for instance. 
  • Market open houses to current students. Set up tables during first night of classes to market grad programs. Hand out T-shirts, etc. 
  • Have day-long open houses where things happen -- professors talk about the programs, etc. 
  • All evening programs should be marketed together 
  • Should market to the Department of Corrections 
  • Give business cards to all part-time faculty so they can distribute them to people they meet, colleagues at work, etc. 
  • Highlight great practitioner-part-time faculty on the website -- such as the Chief of Police.
2. How can we proactively meet the needs of students and potential employers in a global economy?
  • Do more market research. Reach out to business leaders.
  • Conduct job fairs on campus. This has the indirect effect of marketing the college to prospective employers.
  • We should develop a CJ Masters program -- one that is cheaper than the expensive programs in the area.
  • Develop certificate programs. Whet people's appetites for the degree programs.
  • Give credits for on-the-job training -- such as graduation from the Police Academy.
  • Market aggressively to the police for undergraduate programs -- police departments will pay.
  • Develop Saturday and Sunday programs.
  • Use course evaluations to gather marketing information -- would you like Saturday classes?
  • Develop catchy course titles and highlight current relevance of courses. 
3. What will make Albertus relevant to the needs of the broader New Haven region ten years from now?
  • We should focus on giving back to the community – including the immediate neighborhood – to raise our profile. 
  • Develop relationships with local clergy…Work with them to have regular field days for inner-city students. 
  • Make facilities available at designated times for inner city youth – community policing efforts are seeking such opportunities for youth. 
  • Have a seminar on safety as part of first-year student orientation. 
  • Put student greeters around campus – serves as a security measure.
4. How do we ensure a healthy student population at Albertus Magnus College in the face of economic and demographic challenges, including reductions in federal and state funding for higher education?
  • Offer day care. 
  • Push the yellow ribbon program – the post-9/11 G.I. bill will help students pay for college. 
  • We need to reach out to the military – have a military liaison. Align tuition for veterans with military benefits. (Post is focusing on this.) 
  • We have a great FA Office. They work well with students – keep this strong. 
  • Market to companies with tuition reimbursement. 
  • Play up our ROTC opportunities – we have a relationship with Southern, and the person who runs their program would be happy to deepen the relationship with us. 
  • Develop a relationship with the Department of Labor. 
  • Offer CJ programs in cohort format at community colleges. 
  • Find ways to cut the price of textbooks.

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