Day Students and Adjunct Day Faculty Interviews

September 18, 2012
Day Students and Adjunct Day Faculty
Interview Design
Nancy Fallon and Jim Schafrick
21 participants

1.  Why should students choose Albertus?

Top Responses:
    • Small school with low teacher to student ratio
    • Professors are flexible and meet with students one on one
    • Offer a wide variety of majors
    • Good athletic program
    • Financial aid and grants are adequate and help students attend
    • Safe and friendly environment which provides an opportunity to get to know others

Unique Ideas:
    • Albertus name holds value
    • Close to home for most residents
    • Attended because you didn’t get in anywhere else

2.  How can we bring greater attention to, and awareness of, what we do at Albertus?

Top Responses:

    • More marketing and advertising
    • Increase the number of visits to high schools

Unique Ideas:

    • Sell Albertus gear outside of the Campus

3.  How can we proactively meet the needs of students and potential employers in a global economy?

Top Responses:
    • Keep tuition as low as possible
    • Create more on campus jobs for students
Unique Ideas:
    • Improve the awareness of Albertus Magnus in the work world
    • Cheaper text books

4. How do we insure a healthy student population at Albertus in the face of economic and demographic challenges, including reductions in federal and state funding for higher education?

Top Responses:

    • More scholarship opportunities
    • Lower tuition/keep it at current cost
    • Provide better financial aid packages
Unique Ideas:

    • More updated housing options
    • More summer camps so prospective students become aware of Albertus.
    • Remodel/Renovate the older buildings

5.  What can Albertus do better? What holds the College back from achieving this goal?
Top Responses:
    • Improve food quality and have longer cafeteria hours, provide off-campus options
    • Lower tuition
    • Increased marketing of day undergraduate programs to make the community more aware of Albertus Magnus College
    • Have a closed campus that it is not open to the public
    • Provide a coffee bar on campus
    • Provide more parking on campus

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