Dominican Sisters of Peace

October 24, 2012
Group of Dominican Sisters of Peace
Individual Interviews
Sr. Anne Kilbride, OP
29 Participants

 —  Statement was made by almost all people
"Trends" — Statement made by many people
"Unique Ideas" — Statement made by only one or two people but with remarkable insight 

Facts ("Truths"):

  • Community spirit
  • Location - opportunity and challenge
  • Informative web site
  • Challenge of many adjuncts
  • Program for Freshmen and new students
  • Catholic Identity
  • Dominican tradition
  • Strong mission that is sustained
  • Perception - small commuter school
  • Open to all students - diversity of student body
  • Small college known in the community
  • Faculty - Student mentoring
  • Variety of delivery systems
  • Values based education
  • Land - locked
  • Teaching institution that is student centered and offers an integrated liberal arts program
  • Marketing
  • Involvement in civic community
  • Students need economic help
  • Diversity of student body
  • Good at what the College does with limited resources
  • Support given for faculty development, student interests
  • Liberal arts tradition
  • Teacher education
  • Concern over student demographics, those able to finance education
  • Financial viability of the College in light of changes in financial aid, demographics
  • Finding strong leadership in all areas of the College
  • Ability to change - adapt to needs of the times
  • Students are the most important part of the College
  • Relations with all College groups
  • Team approach
  • Alternative to larger public institutions without losing its mission and values
  • Adult education
  • Campus accessibility
  • Mission, Dominican and Catholic hold place
  • Only Catholic college in immediate area


  • Family support
  • Cohort model for adults
  • Market all programs
  • Support for traditional age student
  • Emphasize unique education
  • Offer readiness for at risk students
  • Concern over financial aid
  • Programming to meet new needs
  • Succession planning for leadership
  • Integrative learning
  • Use of technology, delivery systems
  • Promotes ethical values
  • Witness to the pursuit of truth
  • Integrative learning of whole person
  • Supportive environment
  • Cooperative faculty
  • Advertise sports
  • Neighborhood outreach
  • Communications with alumni
  • BA program is decreasing in popularity
  • Adult education is increasing
  • Integrative learning
  • Growing diversity
  • Recognize change around us and adapt to change
  • Teacher training
  • Look for areas of professional need and develop programs
  • Fiscal stewardship
  • Relevant technology
  • Attention to competitive salaries
  • Faculty/student ratio
  • Planned maintenance
  • Develop creative programs to fit needs of today's students for post college employment
  • Diminishing presence of Dominicans in all aspects of the College
  • Listening and collaborating from many angles in decision making
  • Maintain Dominican mission and tradition
  • Public presence essential
  • Catholic Identity
  • Improve academics for students
  • Not known
  • Emphasize students and alumni who meet success
  • Use multi formats for advertising
  • Graduates find meaningful employment in their field of studies
  • Keep studies relevant
  • Emphasize the exploration of ideas in programming
  • Articulations with community colleges
  • Keep buildings up-graded
  • Keep solid, varied curriculum, raise academic expectations
  • Feature accomplishments of faculty
  • Become better known as an academic institution
  • Seek grants for special programs
  • Emphasize strengths in marketing:  safe, professional preparation, reasonable cost, community etc.
  • Faculty development
  • Build sciences
  • Don't change mission to market
  • Strong leadership:  relationship to faculty, reads signs of the times, takes risks, handles change well, involved in civic community, dedication to mission --- needed in all areas of leadership
  • Leader should be an academic
  • Fundraising ability needed in leadership group
  • Collaborative leadership

Unique (New) Ideas:

  • Find more sources to support at need students - collaborate with community business, grants
  • Develop more programs geared to developing professions
  • Program for sophomores to strengthen retention
  • Add programs for traditional age and adult students - (example - bio-technology), partner with companies needing college educated employees
  • Connect with churches
  • Develop more in Hartford area
  • Develop an abroad program or adapt to shorter programs to connect students with global realities
  • Hire well known faculty and feature accomplishments of present faculty
  • Collaborate with local business to develop programs or with other colleges especially for on-line courses
  • Utilize expertise and involvement of alumni
  • Develop new programs that address needs, holes in educational offerings from other colleges
  • Religious education of student with disabilities
  • Advertise new programs
  • Find new sources to assist in financial aid for students
  • Increase discount rate for students
  • Campaign to increase the endowment
  • Increase integration of disciplines
  • Take more creative risks for the future of the College within College mission
  • Development of readiness programs for high school students especially for who do not have an effective educational background
  • Find holes in educational offerings and develop programs that meet these needs
  • Remain on cutting edge of academia and be a catalyst of change
  • Cultivation of Board members; term limits for members
  • Connect to mission of sponsoring Congregation
  • Study small colleges that have grown in the last 20-30 years --- what factors enabled this to happen?
  • Encourage administrators and  faculty to be on national committees, feature scholarship of faculty
  • Connections with neighborhood
  • Change profile with special programs
  • Increase science program

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