Fall Fest - Alumni Survey

October 20, 2012
Fall Fest: Alumni
Fall Fest Subgroup - Nilvio Perez, Stefanie Seslar, Mark Barreuther, Irene Rios, Christine Atkins
13 Participants

1) Say you know someone who’s considering Albertus Magnus. What’s the main reason you would give to persuade them to enroll?

  • Small class rooms
  • Personal attention from professors
  • One on one learning

2) If you were to donate two million dollars to the college, how would you like to see the money spent/invested and why?

  • More parking space
  • Provide more internship programs

3) How do you think we can bring more attention to Albertus Magnus?

  • Do more community outreach
  • Online advertisement
  • Study abroad programs

4) What aspects of college culture do you think keep Albertus Magnus from evolving?

  • Reaching out to the community
  • Upgrade on security

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