Fall Fest: Alumni and Parents

October 20, 2012
Fall Fest: Alumni and Parents of Current Students
Carousel Design with Questions
Fall Fest Subgroup - Nilvio Perez, Stefanie Seslar, Mark Barreuther, Irene Rios, Christine Atkins
10 alumni, 8 parents

1. Say you know someone who’s considering Albertus Magnus College. What’s the main reason you would give to persuade them to enroll?

  • Small community – teachers get to know you on a personal level, and opportunities for frequent interaction with faculty
  • Variety of clubs and sports to be involved in
  • The community environment

2. If you were to donate two million dollars to the College, how would you like to see the money spent/invested, and why?

  • Scholarships – for ADP/Day Students - adults need help too, when working towards a degree
  • Update collection of library books; provide more of a variety of resources
  • Updated facilities – dorms and seating for soccer games

3. How do you think we can bring more attention to Albertus Magnus College?

  • Commercials and internet advertising
  • More mailings to Alumni and current students
  • Create partnerships with other schools in area

4. What aspects of the College culture do you think keep Albertus Magnus from evolving?

  • Lack of communication between parents and staff
  • Diversity in course content
  • Strategic planning of classes in an appropriate timeframe

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