Graduate Students in the Evening Division

October 18, 2012
Graduate Students in the Evening Division
Robert Imholt and Irene Rios
29 Participants

1 - Why Albertus?

  • Small classes
  • You are a name not a number
  • One-on-one personal attention
  • Program I wanted - 5 year MBA
  • Supportive faculty
  • Impressive faculty
  • Convenient  Offerings
  • High interaction with professors
  • Best buy in HE in that adults receive more for their money
  • Location in New Haven
  • Connections to/at Yale - college town
  • No GRE's required for GR work

2 - How Can We Proactively Meet the Needs of Students and Employers In a Global Economy?

  • Continue to reach out to local community for access to HE
  • Every undergraduate (evening included) should have a foreign language as part of their degree
  • Offer a class in globalization culture through curriculum
  • Career Center to reach out to graduates for employment globally
  • Develop a study abroad program for undergraduates or offer individual options for same
  • Invite more exchange students to study on campus

3 - What Aspects of Our College Culture Hinder Us From Moving Forward?

  • Limited skills of graduates - speech, writing, and presentation skills are not where they need to be for a college graduate
  • Career Services must be expanded for all students from the beginning of their education career here
  • Our catholic identity has been lost
  • The lack of offering state license exams on-site such as substance abuse, etc. (integrate into curriculum)
  • Lack of convenient services for registration, financial aid, bursar (we need one-stop-shopping - or an ombudsman program
  • Graduate housing is lacking and that limits our ability to attract younger graduate students or distant graduate students
  • Greater outreach to graduate students is needed
  • Decrease apathy for graduate students - include them in all activities and services
  • Offer more social activities and clubs

4 - What Will Make Albertus Relevant Ten Years From Now?
  • Continue to hire and retain dedicated faculty
  • Expand and attract more honors students as scholars who can make a greater impact on the community/society
  • Offer more applications for graduates to explore - Doctoral programs
  • Attract students who have greater academic aspiration
  • Include resources for graduates to continue their education

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