Interview with President Kendrick

November 5, 2012
President Dorsey Kendrick of Gateway Community College
Individual Interview with Questions
Irene Rios and Steven Gstalder

    1. How can we proactively meet the needs of students and potential employers in a global economy?
    2. What will make Albertus relevant ten years from now?
    3. How do we ensure a healthy student population at Albertus Magnus College in the face of economic and demographic challenges, including reductions in federal and state funding for higher education?
    4. What could Albertus do better?

Main themes from responses to the above questions which guided the discussion:

  • Using advisory committees of business leaders focusing on various subjects
  • Focus on student internships and faculty externships as ways to stay in contact with the business community.
  • Recruit business leaders to be mentors to students.
  • Private institutions are better situated to leverage donations.
  • Continually look for the warning signs at the state and federal level in how the governments will be supporting education.
  • It is clear that Albertus cares about our students. The College should not lose track of our values as a loving and caring environment as we go through strategic planning process.
  • To stay relevant colleges need to pursue partnerships with other institutions.
  • Program of portfolio assessment to give credit to students for life-work.
  • Peer-mentoring is also very important to community college students.

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