Prospective Adult Students -- Job Searchers

October 4, 2012
Prospective Adult Students of the Job Search Group of the Russell Library in Middletown, CT
Written Questionnaire with Interview Questions
Suzanne Wall
19 Participants

1.  What is the primary reason that someone should enroll at Albertus?

  • Career advancement
  • Advance career goals by developing yourself through education and social network
  • Further education
  • I need to do more research about the College in order to answer this
  • Great assistance in job placement when graduating.  A degree one would be proud of.
  • To obtain a degree, to obtain a new skill
  • To pursue their dream or continue their education
  • Professional certifications e.g. PMI certifications.  A lot of online courses to attract the full time worker and to attract students from other states and countries
  • To make better life, by getting more education
  • To upgrade their skills, relating to the latest job market trends
  • Matriculation
  • Education and training
  • To continue education in the evening, due to work schedule
  • Looking for a small college that can help me get more one-on-one time with the teachers.  Location is close and they offer classes I need.
  • People need education to advance
  • To learn new things, for fun
  • Don't know.  Would need to research the competition, location, tuition, etc.
  • Courses or degree that would help in career or interest

2.  How can we proactively meet the needs of prospective students and potential employers in a global economy?

  • Collaborate with area employers on placement, study programs, apprenticeships and co-ops, on-site training, and on-site tours
  • Provide upcoming programs that lead us into the ever-developing job market.  Keep working with employers and businesses to identify what will be needed 5-10 years down the road
  • Help meet their specific requirements
  • Post job openings by employers
  • Through on-campus recruiting.  Internships for students at local companies.
  • Online courses.  Partner with companies to offer credit courses at the companies' sites.  Also make it easy for vets to enroll, afford your College
  • More scholarships and loans.  Intern programs enhanced.  More on-campus recruiting.  Career counseling for alumni students.
  • The work world is changing rapidly, including today's relevant jobs.  If Albertus doesn't presently offer many digital-theme courses they should add them.  Also, teach from an international, world economy perspective, not just the U.S.  Albertus can distinguish themselves by instituting and branding a co-op program, which today is underserved in the collegiate environment.  Northeastern U. is one of the few that offer it.
  • Make colleges more accessible in funding and time
  • Reasonable and affordable tuition
  • Ask what can be done to improve things among the students already attending the school
  • Partner with businesses
  • Internship programs, placement office, quality counseling
  • Undecided
  • Looking for safe, affordable education, and reputation
  • Project employment opportunities and prepare students for these jobs
  • Many scholarships, low price courses
  • Listen.  Accommodate needs (for hours, needed instruction, etc.)
  • Survey employers, schools

3.  How can we bring greater attention to, and awareness of, what we do here at Albertus?

  • Excellent job here today in educating and exposing us to the career coaching/advice available at Albertus.  More of the same, perhaps doing other presentations by professors at libraries and public events and discussions on current topics/subjects
  • Open House -- period.  Open campus tours through campus recruiting and/or HR to allow adult students an up-close view.  Speakers/tours on campus.
  • Let people know of the available topics
  • More speakers and workshops.  Displays at job fairs, malls
  • Obviously by advertising.  Sponsoring charitable events (i.e. breast cancer, diabetes).  Being very proactive in the community, in your case New Haven
  • Advertise, partner with Veterans organizations.  Reach out to the community, throughout CT (i.e. presentations)
  • More advertising on TV, social media.  Better selling to the high schools.  Have courses that when they graduate able to find good paying careers.  List of what classes are offered.
  • 1.  Advertise  2.  Specialize in a specific academic area.  e.g. nursing, computer science, etc.
  • Continue to do as you are.  I know many graduates
  • Knowledgeable instructors and guidance towards helping students in their chosen career -- solid job market placement services
  • Promote more open houses
  • Mainstream advertising
  • Infomercials, online giveaways, sample classes, success stories, work with government to get free training for displaced workers
  • Well-done advertising
  • Reach out to the community on who you are and what you do
  • Market, market, market
  • More advertising
  • Marketing (through multi-media, web, print, newspapers)
  • Advertising

4.  How do we ensure a healthy student population at Albertus Magnus College in the face of economic and demographic challenges, including reductions in federal and state funding for higher education?

  • Keep offering adult programs and assist with career connections
  • Sorry, no suggestions
  • By educating and advertising or ways to make potential students aware of the great institution Albertus Magnus is -- especially to achieve a promising future
  • Your tuition should be in line with the State Colleges.  If students want to transfer from a 2-year community college, make that seamless
  • Talk about your success after graduation
  • Many online and blended offerings.
  • More scholarship money
  • Fully organized faculty and staff
  • Off-campus centers located in other parts of the state.  More scholarships available.  Sliding-scale tuition payments.
  • Present options for mature students to get credit for work experience
  • Antibacterial soap dispensers, good cleaning crew, nutritional food served on campus at a good price
  • Stay competitive, when pricing of tuition comes to the forefront in the news
  • Focused programs, bring in employers to conduct training for employees
  • Find a niche and promote it
  • Many scholarships, low price courses
  • Diversity
  • Focus on core activities

5.  What qualities do you value in a College president?

  • Open-minded, warm, intelligent, and congenial in all settings.  Bridge-builder in his/her community with government, business, and citizens
  • Following through on career placement in relation to personality profile/traits/interests
  • One that is a visible figure in the community.  Out of sight, out of mind, like in sales, Drip on the community
  • Available to the staff and students.  A leader in the community
  • One that cares for the student and college professors
  • A visionary who understands how the college is perceived today and has a vision and plan for the future
  • Not sure
  • A person who has the knowledge and listen to others and has a genuine interest in the college's well-being and the faculty and students
  • Someone who oversees, cares, and is loyal to the College and its programs
  • Someone with some work history that is not in education
  • Leadership and sensitivity
  • Leadership
  • Clear vision for education and career development
  • Hands-on, visible, active in student activities
  • Availability to student population
  • Love of education, tolerance, diversity
  • Open to new ideas

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