Social Services Administrators

October 25, 2012 Social Services Administrators Interview Sean P. O'Connell and Melissa DeLucia 3 Participants

1. How can we bring greater attention to, and awareness of, what we do here at Albertus?

  • Our advertisements on television present a good picture of who we are and what we do.  Our care for students shines through.
  • The personalized attention we give and the small class sizes make the school attractive.
  • Solid relationships with businesses and schools are strengths of the College.
  • We should look into a variety of ways of reaching out to local high schools to raise consciousness.
  • Invite students from local high schools to come to campus.
  • It is important to recognize that New Haven has an array of students because of the many magnet schools.  Many of these students come from upper income families who can afford our tuition.  We need to reach out to them.

2. How can we proactively meet the needs of students and potential employers in a global economy?

  • Meet with the local community to see what the local needs are.
  • Move into certification for early childhood.
  • Provide remedial education.
  • We should consider developing a “gear up” student readiness program.
  • We should advertise the percentage of students who graduate and either are employed or attend graduate school.
  • Provide more preparation for students prior to placing them in internships.  Make sure students see internships as potential full-time employment opportunities.

3. What will make Albertus relevant to the needs of the broader New Haven region ten years from now?

  • Focus on building a relationship with Clifford Beers Clinic.
  • We should consider offering hands-on assistance with young children.
  • Develop integrated relationships with social service and educational institutions in New Haven.
  • Get our students involved in mentoring programs for young children – especially males.

4. How do we ensure a healthy student population at Albertus Magnus College in the face of economic and demographic challenges, including reductions in federal and state funding for higher education?

  • Explore online options.
  • Increase internships and co-op opportunities.
  • Engage alumni.
  • Develop an internal recruiting site.  This is a site that would be available only to Albertus students that would list position postings.  Encourage alumni to use the site to recruit Albertus students.

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