Current Students: Writing Associates -- Carousel: SWOT

October 11, 2012
Current Students:  Writing Associates (WAs)
Carousel Design: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)
Natalie DeVaull and Suzanne Wall
12 Participants


  • Great teacher to student ratio
  • Small school / class sizes
  • Location -- New Haven is a good college city
  • Historical value
  • Rosary Hall renovation -- the new services, 2nd Floor especially
  • Work-study & On-campus employment
  • Faculty
  • Easy to meet people / make friends
  • Teachers very helpful, available through office hours


  • More parking in the library especially
  • More financial aid
  • More grad school opportunities such as teaching, med school, etc.
  • Study abroad
  • For increased technology use, provide training ex. MS Word, ePortfolio (especially for adult students)
  • Open Writing Center on weekends
  • More weekend events
  • Cross OS training Mac and PC
  • Increase awareness and connections with other universities / colleges in New Haven
  • Internships provided through the College

  • Not enough parking 
  • Security
  • Unmotivated students
  • Academic achievements aren’t as praised as athletic achievements
  • Mailroom is closed on weekends which prevents us from doing laundry on weekends
  • Lack of graduate programs
  • Entrances are not secure (anyone/everyone comes on campus)
  • Overall technology
  • Concern over distribution of Financial Aid
  • Athletic events overlap with classes
  • No fiction (interesting) books in the library
  • Cost of school
  • Too much money given to people who do not care
  • More help with internships
  • Cafeteria food

  • Alienation of commuters
  • Security -- we should be a closed campus -- need security cameras
  • High tuition
  • Small staff leaves you with fewer choices (i.e. chemistry and teaching) which is less helpful if there is a mismatch between faculty teaching styles and student learning styles
  • Money not spent well
  • Poor communication between offices
  • Technology -- needs to be updated constantly
  • Low return (retention) rate

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