Full-Time Undergraduate Students SWOT

October 4, 2012
Students in the Full-Time Undergraduate Program
Carousel SWOT
Paul Robichaud and Maureen Morrison
10 Participants

1. How can we bring greater attention to awareness of what we do here at Albertus?

2. What will make Albertus relevant 10 years from now?


  • Teacher-student relationships
  • Small campus/class size
  • Diversity and acceptance on campus
  • Summer camps for athletics

  • More grants for academically strong students
  • Satellite campuses for day students
  • Advertise day program as much as evening programs
  • More ethnically diverse faculty
  • Create nursing and culinary programs

  • Not enough security from surrounding area
  • Need more graduate and study abroad programs
  • More interaction with other area colleges
  • Fewer changes in ITS policies
  • More food options on campus; longer dining hall hours
  • More assistance with finding internships

  • Better communication between business office and financial aid office
  • No nursing program
  • Security/open campus
  • Budgets/school size and location

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