1. Getting Organized

May 2012

This Phase of the Five-Phase process actually began in early March this year when President McNamara and members of the Administrative Council met with Pat Sanaghan, learned of his collaborative and transparent approach to strategic planning, and agreed to engage in this year-long process. 

Planning Task Force

The next step in this phase involved the selection of the members of the Planning Task Force, a cross-functional group of faculty, staff, and administrators who will work together and with the College Community of students, other faculty and staff, alumni, partners and vendors, and the neighboring community to develop a plan for growing strategically the services and programs provided by Albertus. 

The first activity of the Planning Task Force (PTF) was a two-day orientation and training session held on May 21st and 22nd, 2012, where the members of the PTF learned about the five-phase process and the interactive techniques that will be used to gather data and solicit ideas from the College community and other stakeholders. 

Agenda of the Planning Task Force Orientation Sessions

Minutes of the Planning Task Force Orientation Sessions