Goals Conference

April 5, 2013
Goals Conference Participants
60 Participants

At the Goals Conference the members of the Planning Task Force and other institutional leaders gathered into groups around each of the strategic themes that had been identified in the Concept Papers. Based on the contents of the Concept Papers, each group selected 5 Goals around each strategic theme, which are listed below. 

Through a round-robin approach the Goals Conference participants then identified the top 2 Possible Goals in each area (as indicated by the numbers in parentheses following each Goal below). The groups reconvened to develop each Possible Goal into Draft Plans for further consideration by the Administrative Council. 

Academic Group - A

Jeremiah Coffey
Mark Case
Nilvio Perez
Irene Rios
Clara Munson
Robert Hubbard
Bonnie Dingus
Wayne Gineo
Robert Bourgeois

5 Goals:

Goal 1 (5): Explore opportunities to develop and create more psychology based Undergraduate and Graduate programs
Goal 2 (21): Build stronger academic support "superior" academic support services for students at all levels so that we are known for these services. (Combined from other group)
Goal 3 (2):  Explore opportunities to develop a larger selection of GR and post GR degree offerings that are career specific
Goal 4 (19): Develop study abroad programs to broaden and enhance our student's experiences across all majors to attract more students
Goal 5 (7): Maintain a strong commitment to our liberal arts core while building degree programs that enhance students' career opportunities.

Academic Group - B

Paul Robichaud
Sean O'Connell
Anne Pannagrossi
Nancy Fallon
Eric Schoeck
Deborah Frattini
Deborah Massaro
Bob Imholt
Christine Aktkins
Loel Tronsky

5 Goals

Goal 1 (23): Emphasize student faculty interaction through blended courses and high-impact practice
Goal 2: Provide superior academic support services (duplicate of other Academic group)
Goal 3 (14): Incorporate experiential learning opportunities and include in graduation requirements.
Goal 4 (12): Cultivate community outreach through bridge programs
Goal 5 (4): Use technology to support accessibility

Student Life

Michelle Cochran
Natalie DeVaull
June Sangapore
Angela Haggerty
Maureen Kos
Erin Morrell
Melissa DeLucia

5 Goals

Goal 1(27):  Create a process to engage all students in campus life.
  • Campus wide calendar and newsletter sent via email, SM & Portal
  • Networking events for evening students
Goal 2 (20): Need for increased student resources
  • Veteran support, ELL, Financial Aid, students with special needs, health center, counseling
Goal 3 (32): Develop the campus center as the "Living room of Campus".
  • Limited space, resources for student organizations, student meetings, events, etc.  Competitive space and resources to similar institutions.
  • Longer hours of services- food, pub campus center
Goal 4 (13):  Increase service learning opportunities, etc. (ie…
  • Co-curricular transcripts
  • Study abroad
  • Experiential learning for evening students
Goal 5 (5):  Develop visibility of security


David Garaventa
Meghan Finley
Greg Knobelsdorff
Ed Thomasi


Goal 1 (22): Access to technology
  • equip students (built into tuition)
  • virtualize software
Goal 2 (48): Grounds
  • Modernize buildings [do in phases, prioritize]
  • Cafeteria
  • Aquinas
  • Dormitories
  • Theatre (courses?)
  • Green Space - Community Garden
Goal 3(19): Security
  • Blue light (night students)
  • Presence on upper campus
Goal 4 (2): Parking- strategically add spaces
Goal 5 (3): Food Service: More options


President McNamara
Mitch Oliver
Ron Waite
Pat Yeaman
Jeff Scott
Andrew Kovacs
Richard Lolatte
Jeanne Mann

5 Goals

Goal 1 (35): Overarching and Targeted Marketing
Goal 2 (13): Marketing today students, student athletes
Goal 3 (10): Expand our market outside CT
Goal 4 (35): Social media and digital marketing
Goal 5- Metrics and assessment (part of all 4 goals above.)


Andrew Foster
Sr. Anne Kilbride, OP
Carin Giordano
Rosanne Zudekoff
Corey Schmidt
Kristen Dyleski
Howard Fero
Stefanie Seslar

5 Goals

Goal 1 (24): Implement a community service program beginning with orientation
Goal 2 (20): Create a centralized department/office focused on all aspects of community service and engagement including all student and alumni
Goal 3 (29): align and promote the institution with Dominican Values
  • Study
  • Community
  • Service
  • Spirituality
Goal 4 (10): Create internal communications vehicle, including campus calendar
Goal 5 (14): Encourage faculty/staff to align themselves/ become affiliated with at least 1 non-profit organization

Financial Health

Annette Bosley
Laura Whitney
Carolyn Behan
Maureen Morrison
Steve Gstalder

5 Goals

Goal 1 (8): Develop a "zero based budget" that incorporates results of an expanded enrollment process (1,3, 5 year projections)
Goal 2 (38):  Develop a grant committee
Goal 3(26): Capital campaign based on strategic plan priorities.
Goal 4 (5): Expense reduction thru process analysis
Goal 5 (17): Explore opportunities for new revenue streams