Goals Conference Agenda

April 5, 2013

8:30 am    Meeting Starts in the Behan Community Room with Coffee and Breakfast Snacks

·      Welcome and Opening Remarks

·      Review of Planning Assumptions

·      Strategic Theme Review and Preliminary Goals Selection

·      Preliminary Goals Presentations and Prioritization

·      Action Plan Development for Top Two Goals for Each Theme

·      Lunch

·      Action Plan Presentations and Constructive Feedback

·      Action Plan Refinement

·      Final Action Plan Presentations

·      Next Steps Discussion

4:00 pm    Concluding Remarks

Action Plan Format

·      Goals statement

·      Three important steps toward implementing the goal

·      Resources needed (people, money, technology, office space, etc.)

·      Time-frame for implementing each step

·      Suggested champion or owner — the person who ultimately will be responsible for the successful completion of the goal

·      People (by position) who need to be involved in the successful implementation of the three important steps

·      A description of what success would look like

·      Potential hurdles or challenges that would prevent implementation