Concept Paper Teams

For the past few months, the Strategic Planning Task Force has been collecting data.  Task Force members have met with over 600 institutional stakeholders and have conducted a number of online surveys.  On Friday, November 16th, the Task Force met and engaged in a "Making Sense Day," which was led by our consultant, Dr. Pat Sanaghan.  From the tremendous amount of results and data produced by the stakeholder meetings, the Task Force identified six areas for further research which will inform the final strategic plan.  The areas and the task force members assigned to each are as follows:

(1) Community

Topics include fostering internal community, external community engagement, community outreach (internships, practica, etc).

Assigned members are: Ms. Stefanie Seslar, Dr. Mark Barreuther, Sr. Anne Kilbride, 
Dr. Nancy Fallon.

(2) Visibility

Topics include effective marketing/community outreach, community partnerships; enhancing the College's profile, engaging alumni.

Assigned members are: Ms. Andrea Kovacs, Mr. Ron Waite, Dr. Howard Fero, 
Mr. Mitch Oliver, Dr. Pat Yeaman.

(3) Academic Vision

Topics include broadening academic program offerings, innovative programs and technology, enhancement of academic support services, academic programs grounded in experiential learning (study abroad, internships, career services).

Assigned members are: Ms. Anne Leeney Panagrossi, Mr. David Garaventa, 
Dr. Irene Rios, Dr. Paul Robichaud, Dr. Jeremiah Coffey, Mr. Eric Schoeck.

(4) Financial Health

Topics include affordability and alignment of services and cost.

Assigned members are: Ms. Laura Whitney, Ms. Carolyn Kraus, Mr. Andrew Foster, Mr. R.J. Lolatte, Ms. Maureen Morrison, Ms. Jeanne Mann, President Julia McNamara, Mr. Emerson Wickwire (advisory).

(5) Infrastructure

Topics include technology (state of the art and cutting edge technology), facilities, and ancillary support services.

Assigned members are: Dr. Loel Tronsky, Mr. Nilvio Perez, Mr. Jim Schafrick, 
Dr. Mark Case, Dr. Robert Imholt, and Dr. Stephen Joy.

(6) Student Life

Topics include academic and non-academic support services, student opportunities and partnerships, responsiveness (service to students, safety, and communications)

Assigned members are: Dr. Christine Atkins, Ms. Deborah Frattini, Ms. Natalie DeVaull, Ms. June Sangapore, Ms. Suzanne Yurko-Wall, Ms. Corey Schmidt.

Team members will write concept papers about each area that will inform, educate, and ground the community in reality as the strategic planning process moves forward.  These papers will help the Task Force and members of the community grasp the important elements of critical issues under each topic and understand what decisions need to be made.  They will not be position papers, but rather informational texts that will present facts rather than opinion about each theme.

The concept papers will be used during the next phase of the Strategic Planning process, the Vision Conference, which will be held on February 14th.  To learn about this day and the steps that follow, please visit the Collaborative Strategic Planning site, which you can access through Quick Links on your myAlbertus portal.  We welcome your continued participation in the process.  Please do not hesitate to contact members of the Task Force with questions, comments, suggestions, or information.