4. Vision Conference

14, 2013

The Vision Conference, which was held on February 14, 2013, in the Behan Community Room in the Hubert Campus Center, brought together more than 60 members of the Albertus community — students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, business people, and community leaders — to develop a shared vision of the future for the College. The day consisted of three parts:
  •  In the second part of the day, the internal and external stakeholders gathered into their respective groups and addressed the following question:
    • "What, from your unique perspective, would you like to share with the others at the Vision Conference about the future of Albertus Magnus College?
      What is important for us to know; to consider; to remember; to think about; as we plan the future of this College?"
  • In the final activity of the day, the participants divided again into five groups — this time combining various stakeholder types in each group — to created "Preferred Shared Visions for the Future of Albertus Magnus College," by addressing the following questions as if we were five years in the future looking back: 

      1. What are the signature academic programs we offer (including programs developed in the last five years)? What role does technology play with respect to our academic programs?
      2. What does the student experience (Traditional and Adult) look like? Feel like? What has changed?
      3. Regarding our physical plant, what improvements have we made? What technology investments have we made?
      4. What is the sense of community like on our campus? What relationships do we have with the larger community and other organizations?
      5. When people hear the name, Albertus Magnus, what do they say?  How did we tell our story and make people familiar with our “brand.” What changed in order for us to be so well known?
      6. Regarding our financial health, what is our situation now?  What did we do to insure our financial stability? What concrete measures did we take to make Albertus Magnus College more affordable?

      Following the Vision Conference, the Administrative Council integrated the Shared Preferred Vision into a Vision Statement that will be used at the Goals Conference to develop draft Action Plans to consider for achieving the Shared Preferred Vision for the College. A sub-committee of the Planning Task Force also developed a set of Planning Assumptions outlining a shared understanding of the world in which Albertus Magnus College operates.